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SimSof-IT Google MyBusiness

Are you getting asked in Google MyBusiness to complete ‘My Profile’? I work on a number of Google MyBusiness accounts for myself, friends and clients. Regular updates help ensure that Google can share the most accurate information with your potential customers.

I’ve been noticing on all my accounts that there is a box in the home area that says ‘Complete your Business Profile’ – Add logo. Now on all my accounts there is a logo.. Go to Photos menu on the left and it’s there.. So you wonder what’s going on..?? You begin the process of finding out if this is a real problem that could be having a negative effect on you profile You start thinking about contacting Google – we all know this is really hard – all nigh impossible.. you start looking into it on… google..

I’ve done all that – and apparently there is nothing to worry about..

If you have this issue YOU DON’T NEED TO CHANGE YOUR LOGO. This is an issue with Google My Business. Here’s an official update from them in February 2021:

“Unfortunately, this issue is still occurring but there is no workaround at this time. Performance of your Business Profile or visibility of your logo are not affected and it’s is purely an interface error. We plan to have a resolution by the end of year, thanks for your patience.”

As you can see my profile is fine.

SimSof-IT Google MyBusiness

See for information on the GMB Community page.

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