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WiFi Coverage services

Boosting or improving your Office or Home WiFi

WiFi coverage services issues aren’t limited to the home, they can give problems in the office too. You may be finding that browsing is excruciatingly slow. Or your films keep buffering, you encounter dropped Wi-Fi signals, or have wireless dead zones you’ll want this sorted out.

SimSof can help you with the following..

  • Check Your Wired Internet Connection
  • Update Your Router Firmware
  • Achieve Optimal Router Placement
  • What’s Your Frequency?
  • Change That Channel
  • Kick Off Wi-Fi Intruders
  • Control Quality
  • Replace Your Antenna
  • Upgrade Your Obsolete Hardware
  • Reach Further with a WiFi Range Extender or WiFi Mesh Wi-Fi System

If you use SimSof-IT to investigate any WiFi Coverage issues that you have we can normally advise improvements on our first visit. This may include repositioning your hardware or in some case advising an upgrade. It is also possible that a change to your system configuration might be all that is required. On our initial visit we would conduct a full network audit and provide a detailed report.

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