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VPN/Firewall Services

VPN’s and Firewalls keep your home or office network secure.

Our VPN/Firewall Services will enhance the overall security of your computer network. The difference between hardware and software firewall is this: A hardware firewall protects you from the outside world, and a software firewall protects a specific device from other internal systems. Windows 10 comes with its own software firewall but this wont protect the rest of your network. 

For example, if someone tries to access your systems from the outside, your physical firewall will block them. But if you accidentally click on a virus-laden email that’s already managed to get into your system, your software firewall on the other computers in your office or on the home network may stop it from infecting them.

Firewalls act as the first line of defense in keeping your network secure. They monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to help prevent attacks on your systems


SimSof-IT can assist with the following..

  • Help choose the right product
  • Supply
  • Install
  • Configure

We recommend Watchguard – See here. Their products include Network Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure Wi-Fi and Endpoint Security.

We also work with Cisco and Draytek

“WatchGuard is not Cisco trying to be 18 different things, or Dell trying to be 38 different things. WatchGuard knows security – that’s all they do. The UTM concept provides outstanding value, and WatchGuard excels at being easy-to-use, scalable, and flexible.”


The best UK VPNs give you anonymous UK IP addresses that unblock restricted British streaming platforms, websites, and applications. If you’re located in the UK, a VPN will also protect your online privacy and hide your browsing activity from your ISP.

Browsers or Gaming Limits

A local firewall will enable you to set limitations on internet usage at the office or at home.

  • Browsing limited to break periods or out of hours
  • Gaming limited to certain time periods


With legislation like the Snoopers’ Charter, the UK is one of the most privacy hostile countries. It is also home to popular geo-blocked streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Now TV. Only the best UK VPNs can keep your web browsing private, and unblock your favourite websites and apps.

We recommend VPN Unlimited See here.

  • Total Security
  • Absolute Privacy
  • Malware Detection
  • Up to 10 devices
  • Uncompromising speed

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