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With more people working from home your home office IT has never been more important. It’s also crucial to set up the right environment for your workspace. This obviously depends upon the amount of room you have available. You might be limited to a laptop at the kitchen table. Or you might be able to dedicate a permanent desk to your work environment. Whatever it is you need to get some basics right and we can help you with the set up.


The competition for bandwidth on the home WiFi network has never been greater. There are a myriad of IT appliances – PCs, Apple Macs, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Android mobiles.  Not to mention the increasing number of smart devices like Amazon Alexa or doorbells, plugs, light bulbs and maybe CCTV.  They all connect all the time. If you are on Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls, saving all your work to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive you will need tip top performance from all your network components.  To make the experience anything like what happens in the real office you need it all to work – at home it’s just you!

We have experience working with Ubiquiti, Ruckus, Netgear, TP Link, Tenda and Cisco WiFi hardware.  We can install or optimise to give your WiFi network the best possible experience.

A hardwired connection for your laptop or PC to your broadband router is always the best way of getting a reliable and fast link to your online services. We can provide advice, and supply cabling and switches should they be required.


Your company may supply you with the hardware required for you to do your job. But if it’s your own PC you will want it to run as fast as possible. A PC will slow down as time goes by because it ofen comes with a pile of unnecessary pre-installed software that is still running. Or you have installed more software. Possibly nothing has ever been deleted – these all take their toll. We have the tools and expertise to clean your PC and make it run as fast as possible. We can advise on upgrades like SSD hard drives or adding more RAM – these two upgrades can make a huge difference to the performance of your hardware.


To make your working environment more comfortable you’ll need a usb keyboard and mouse and for team meetings you’ll need a USB camera (if your laptop doesn’t already have one..) and a USB headphone and microphone combo – to connect all these to your laptop or pc you’ll need a USB hub. We can supply and install all these items.

We have written a blog article based upon our own experiences. Read it here

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